Clothing and Accessories:

Clothing-wise, for professional head shots it’s best to stick to solid colors as patterns and prints can distract and/or date a photo. Mid-tone colors such as blue, green, red, wine and purple are always good because they are universally flattering. Avoid wearing tops in flesh tones as they can make your neck blend into your face. A safe bet is to pick a top in a color that accentuates your eyes (that’s why jewel tones work so well). Finally, a modest v-neck is universally flattering because it lengthens the neck. If you choose to wear a jacket, try to pair it with a collarless top. This is modern and keeps the neckline simple and sleek.  

With regard to jewelry, simple and understated is the way to go. We want to keep the focus on your face and simple jewelry will help accentuate your features. Also try to avoid any big or flashy jewelry as this can also date your photo.